Dr. Mohammed Vaseem Ammar

Managing Trustee,
Trainer & Social Worker

Professional Profile

  • *Founder, Managing Director and Trainer - Province College.
  • *BBM(marketing); MBA(HR & marketing); Hon. Doct.
  • *Diploma-TESOL, ADV Computer, ADV-English.


The idea of Province was started in 2011 by Dr. Mohammed Vaseem Ammar from his pocket money. He is a BBA & MBA Graduate in HR & Marketing. He also has an Honorary Doctorate in Management.
He has many years of corporate & Business experience in the fields of Finance, HR, Marketing, Event Management, Trading, Education, Consulting, Counselling, Research, Training & Public Speaking. In his MBA college days he felt there was GAP & NEED which was present in every Institution. The GAP between college & work life; the NEED for explicit & tacit knowledge; the NEED for both practical & theoretical knowledge.

He started to research on if expectations meet perceptions and how students and job aspirants are facing such problems. This led to the start of a revolution called PROVINCE. Province College was initiated in the year 2013. He wanted to focus more on practical knowledge and value added courses to help individuals sustain and grow in the competitive world. He started to prepare students to adapt to any rigid environment. As he says There is Peace only after War. He wanted to evade the traditional system of education which emphasizes only on books & theoretical knowledge. Hence, started conducting personality development, motivational, breakthrough programmes to help students realize their dreams and achieve them. Dr Vaseem says We do not TEACH, we GUIDE at Province!

His usual words of motivation are FOR EVERY 1000 PEOPLE ONE BUSINESSMAN IS BORN & FOR EVERY 1000 BUSINESSMEN ONE ENTREPRENEUR IS BORN which now is helping in creating and preparing young and budding entrepreneurs. He encourages startups and provides guidance to students in starting up new ventures. Along with providing 100% job placements guidance in the right field and with recognised and valued companies.

He focuses more on improving communication, body language, removing stage fear- both for Staff & Students as he believes WORDS ARE OUR WEAPONS, ONE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD WITH WORDS. He also encourages work while study Internships, International Study tours, Industrial visits & Seminars from experienced trainers and speakers.

On his future plans Vaseem said My future plans are many. I would like to dedicate my life towards societal and community service. I want to take my Institutions to world class and set an example in the field of education. I want to establish a system of education which will match every student/Parent pre-expectations and post-perceptions. I also want to start up a hospital for the poor and needy with all the latest technology and equipments. I want to counsel students, job seekers, parents, and entrepreneurs to the right path free of cost. He says My organisation has worked as a team giving their 100%, overcoming the difficulties and accepting the new challenges offering high quality education to students. Each day has been a new day for learning and we've consistently grown during this tenure.